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Coins Continue Upward Climb

By Richard Giedroyc

Collectible coins continue to surge ahead, with new collectors and speculators joining a seasoned population of buyers. Demand for gold and silver, be it in bullion or coinage form, continues to outstrip supply. The U.S. and many foreign mints are in overdrive in an attempt to meet investor as well as collector demand. The spot price of bullion continues to fuel the market for coins, both metals reaching for three month highs. While silver has a long way to go to be in record territory, gold isn’t and is beginning to flirt with its all-time high


A recent survey by social trading and multi-asset broker eToro indicated that coins, whiskey and even Lego are top alternate investments to equities in Great Britain, only being outpaced by real estate. On this side of the pond, coins continue their steady upward momentum.

Since the coin market, as with any investment or hobby market, is heterogeneous rather than homogenous, there are many opportunities not only involving bullion and bullion-impacted coins, but reasonably available collectible coins, scarce to rare coins and even some recently released mad- for-collector U.S. Mint products. The only truly disappointing sector of the market is platinum coins, their values being primarily driven by what has recently been a declining intrinsic value. This too may change.

For anyone who has been waiting for a chance to sell their holdings this is it. For the collector, have at it. The market is hot.

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