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Coin sales start slowly for Mint in July

With sales affected by the Mint’s Fourth of July holiday closure, many items, including bullion, saw little change.

Only 389 Arches 5-ounce collector coins were sold the past week, a coin that was selling fast a couple of weeks ago.

Likewise, bullion American Eagles saw slow sales. Only 8,000 one-ounce and 5,000 tenth-ounce gold Eagle coins were sold in the first eight days of the month. No half-ounce or quarter-ounce pieces changed hands. Just 435,000 silver Eagles sold in the same time.

If any product is having good sales, its the 2014-W proof silver Eagle. Collectors purchased 11,842 of these since last week.

Going off sale this past week were all options for all four designs of the 2013 Presidential dollars. This involves Presidents McKinley, Roosevelt, Taft and Wilson. The products off sale were the 25-count rolls, the 100-coin bags and the $250 box from both mints. The $500 boxes went off sale the week before.

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