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Coin and Currency Set Hits Ground Running

This week saw one new product added to the charts: the 2019 Youth Coin and Currency Set. This product marks both a first and a last. It is the first time the Mint has produced a coin and currency set focused on the younger generation, and it the last kid-focused product to be issued this year.

The set features the five 2019 America the Beautiful quarters in proof finish and a $2 Series 2009 note from one of the Federal Reserve Banks of Cleveland, Atlanta or Chicago. The note’s reverse depicts the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Released on the last day of October, the set garnered 5,509 in sales during its first week. It’s likely that its release coincides with the kickoff of the holiday season, so we will watch the pace at which it sells through the end of the year. (For more seasonal picks, check out the Holiday Gift Guide on Page 1A/25 of this issue.)

The only item to outperform the Coin and Currency Set this week was the 2019 Proof Set. It made a gain from 459,915 to 467,213.

As we roll over to the month of November, you will see reset totals for bullion Eagle sales. The only movement so far is the gold half-ounce Eagle at 2,000 and the silver one-ounce Eagle at 165,500.