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Mint Statistics: Bullion still not available from U.S. Mint

As reported last week, silver bullion is still not available from the U.S. Mint. There are no sales to report for platinum for March, and gold is off to a modest start with 1,500 ounces sold. We will continue to monitor the status there and let you know when silver bullion sales resume.

While there was little movement on the Apollo 11 half dollar sets that have been hovering at the sellout mark, the Apollo 11 .999 silver dollar saw a boost since last week with just over 6,000 more units sold.

The 2019 proof silver Eagles continue on a steady pace the past four weeks, growing another 5,900 in units sold since our Feb. 26 report.

The tenth-ounce Liberty gold continues at the same pace it’s been at since this time last year, but it is still a far cry from reaching a sellout of its supply of 135,000.

New this week, 17,825 units sold of the Mint’s new Rocketship set (see page 4) aimed at introducing children to coin collecting. It seems an appropriate time to “launch,” as it includes the 2019 Native American $1 coin honoring American Indians in the space program.


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