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Mint Statistics: Bullion Starts July Strong

(Image courtesy United States Mint.)

(Image courtesy United States Mint.)

It’s been another quiet couple of weeks as far as new U.S. Mint releases go, but bullion sales for the month so far have seen a healthy uptick.

2021 proof 1-ounce Buffalo coins have already reached 14,000 in July, bringing the year-to-date total to 207,500.

Bullion Eagle sales also have a strong showing this month. One-ounce gold sales are at 39,000, while 1/2-ounce gold Eagles are on the board at 4,000. That brings us to a gold bullion Eagle total of 44,000 for July and a 1,005,000 total so far in 2021.

Silver bullion Eagles have logged a total of 1,539,000 for the month of July, bringing total sales for the year so far to an impressive total of 17,445,500.

Platinum has not yet left its mark this month, keeping its year-to-date total static at 75,000.

There is a noticeable downturn in sales reported for the 2021 Tuskegee Airmen ATB quarter rolls and set as well as for bags and rolls of the 2021 New Hampshire American Innovation dollar. Also decreasing in reported sales are the “CC” and “O” privy mark Morgan silver dollars. The “CC” total came down by 168, the “O” by 155.

The Mint is likely in a number-adjustment phase for some of its 2021 offerings.