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Bullion Investors Hesitate

By Richard Giedroyc

There will always be bumps along the road, but in general the market for coins is moving along smoothly. There is some recent hesitation among investors seeking bullion and bullion impacted coins due to prices having reached a plateau for both gold and silver. Possible future appreciation is in question at the moment due to equities markets beginning to head north. At the same time, it appears the 2020 silver American Eagle may become a better date in the series, once again encouraging investors to become collectors.


Collectible but reasonably available coins continue to be a mixed bag. The better dates in any series aren’t necessarily where the appreciation appears. Grade rarity continues to draw strong interest, but even here there is no pattern regarding which dates are increasing or decreasing in value. The scarce to rare coin segment of the market continues to be dominated by auctions, but there has been significant interest in coins of this caliber when they are offered via the internet.

Face-to-face sales in brick-and-mortar stores, at coin shows and at club meetings continue (as might be expected) to be the casualties. Circulating coins and bank notes continue to get bad press regarding if they can spread coronavirus. In the United States, this is unlikely to impact the demand for physical money in the near future, but there are countries overseas that might use this as an excuse to further curb the use of cash in favor of electronic payment forms.

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