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Mint Statistics: Bullion Eagle, Buffalo Sales Post for May

Gold bullion Buffalo coin. (Image courtesy U.S. Mint.)

Gold bullion Buffalo coin. (Image courtesy U.S. Mint.)

May is well under way as this commentary is being written, and we’re seeing some movement in the latest U.S. Mint sales report.

Making its debut on the charts is the 2021 Kennedy half dollar. The coin became available in bags and rolls May 11. In the first five days of sales, the two-roll set saw a total of 17,891, while the 200-coin bag reached 4,562.

As expected, the 2021 annual sets were among the movers and shakers again this week. The clad proof set is up by more than 10,000 in sales since last week for a total of 273,580. The silver proof set saw a more modest increase of 6,574 for a total of 186,834.

You will notice that there are fewer zeroes posted in the May bullion Eagle section as platinum and gold 1-ounce coin sales are reported. Platinum Eagles total 26,400 for the month of May thus far, while gold Eagles come in at 18,500. Year-to-date totals are now at 61,400 for platinum Eagles and 424,500 for gold 1-ounce Eagles.

2021 1-ounce gold Buffalo bullion coins also posted for the month at 31,000 in sales, bringing its year-to-date total to 153,000.