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Mint Statistics: Bullion buyers turn up noses at gold Eagles

Bullion Eagles are crashing. February sales took a sharp fall. Silver American Eagles in the month saw sales drop by 75 percent from February 2016. The 1,215,000 number compares to 4,782,000 a year ago. Gold Eagles dropped, too, but by a slightly less jarring monthly decline of 67 percent. There were 27,500 ounces of gold sold in four weights compared to 83,500 in the same month of 2016.

These figures aren’t just a minor monthly swing. On the other hand, there is no news to account for them. Did most buyers take a winter vacation, or is there something more ominous at afoot?

The Mint has begun to sell quantities of 2017 half dollars. Where can I put them? Space is at a premium on the opposite page. For the moment, this space will have to do. There were 3,224 200-coin bags sold and 10,455 two-roll sets.

Lions commemorative silver dollars are catching up with Park Service dollar numbers, equaling 72 percent.


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