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Big sales for Nixon, Ford coins

Someone’s betting big on Nixon and Ford Presidential dollar coins. From June 19 to 26, the United States Mint reports selling 1,416 Nixon and 1,407 Ford 100-coin bags of Philadephia-minted Presidential dollar coins. That amounts to $282,300 in face value. A large order from a coin promoter gearing up for the Ronald Reagan dollar coin? Your guess about the buyer(s) is as good as any.

Sales drifted upwards for the 2016 Native American Dollar Coin and Currency set in its second week of sales. Collectors purchased 2,632 sets by June 26. This brings the total up to 27,129 sets. The 2015 Coin and Currency set saw a slight drop of 10 sets during the same time for a total of 88,701 sets sold.

The Truman presidential dollar 100-coin bags from Philadelphia are back on sale. The bags, which were sold out for a while, went back on sale sometime after June 19. Since then, six bags were reported shipped out as of June 26, moving the total to 3,483 bags ordered.

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