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Baseball half sales not at fever pitch

Baseball coin buyers took home more of the Hall of Fame clad half dollars this week than they did the week before. Sales of proofs totaled 13,930 while the uncirculated sales number was 8,139.

The 2014 proof silver American Eagle punched through the half-million mark. Collectors obtained 17,652. The running total now stands at 501,727. The uncirculated “W” version inched ahead to reach 115,043.

Waiting for the sellout of the Great Smoky Mountains 5-ounce America the Beautiful “P” collector coin is starting to feel like watching paint dry. The Mint vended another 654, leaving the tally at 23,495, which is short of the 25,000 sellout level.

April has proven to be the best month for gold bullion coin sales since January, but with one day to go as this is written, the sales are still less than half January levels.

Platinum Eagle sales have plummeted 88 percent March to April. Apparently, March sales filled the pipeline and few additional pieces were needed by the Authorized Purchasers.

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