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August gold, silver bullion sales low

August sales of bullion from the Mint were mediocre at best, despite low prices for precious metals.

Gold American Buffalo bullion saw its second-lowest month at 8,000 coins sold, platinum American Eagle bullion had its fourth-lowest month at 700 coins sold and all forms of gold American Eagle bullion experienced their second-lowest month with 25,000 total ounces sold.

The Mint released the Great Sand Dunes National Park quarter on Aug. 25.

Also released since last report was the Coolidge Presidential Dollar and First Spouse Medal Set, which sold 873 sets up to Aug. 31.

The Mint placed the 2013 Uncirculated Coin Set back on sale after previously taking it off sale. Buyers have purchased 369,236 sets up to Aug. 31.

The 2014 gold proof American Eagle went off sale with 19,791 sold.

The Hoover Presidential dollar $100 bag from Denver has also gone off sale, with 1,987 sold.

Lastly, the 2012 Kennedy Half dollar Two-roll Set is sold out at 33,553 sold.

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