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Mint Statistics: April Sales Wrap for Gold, Silver Bullion


While the date of this sales update is May 5, you will see that the bullion numbers reflect April sales. The most recent Mint report runs through May 2, both of those days being weekend days. There were no recorded sales numbers for gold Buffalo coins or bullion Eagles in May.

Buffalo sales totalled 11,000 in April, bringing the year-to-date (YTD) total to 122,000. Gold 1-ounce bullion Eagles came in at 38,500 for the month, pushing 2021 YTD sales to 406,000. No sales were reported for the 1/2-, 1/4- or 1/10-ounce versions. YTD totals remain at 31,000, 56,000 and 150,000, respectively. Total gold sales for the year, then, sits at 643,000.

The bullion giant, the 1-ounce silver Eagle, posted 1,053,000 total sales for April. Its YTD total is at 13,106,500.

Let’s move to sets. The 2021 clad proof set totals 256,085 units sold since its on-sale date of March 5. Sales have slowed noticeably in the weeks following the initial release.

Finally, the set we’ve all been waiting for, the 2021 silver proof set. It became available April 22 and, after 10 days of availability, collectors have snapped up a total of 172,200 units.