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All Areas of Market Continue Their Rise


The market for coins is continuing in a singular direction – straight up. This includes all market sectors ranging from rare to common to bullion issues. The overall strength of the market can be seen through the sheer number of truly rare coins that have been offered at auction recently. Many of these coins will only appear when their owners have confidence that the hammer price such coins will realize will be strong. None of the recently sold rarities has disappointed their consigners.

Dealers will attest to the challenge of maintaining desirable inventory recently. Collectors continue to be fussy, looking towards quality among coins that can be classified as collectible but are somewhat available. For this reason, more lower-condition, generally available coins are being treated as bullion than in the past. Recently released commemorative and proof coins are likewise in demand, these non-circulating legal tender issues being accompanied by a stronger secondary market than has been seen in some time. Bullion and bullion-impacted coins remain in strong demand despite the recently experienced swings in the precious metal markets. Bullion coinage is the most speculative sector of the market. While collectors watch spot prices, it is the bullion coin arena where investors and speculators are most likely to be encountered.

Both the recent Mint product and bullion sectors are important, as these are typically the areas from which new collectors will develop. Strength or weakness in these two segments becomes a coincidence barometer for the future performance of the business (and hobby) of coins. If you are looking for a “sleeper” to collect, you will need to look long and hard. This is a vibrant market that shows no signs of slowing.