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Mint Statistics: Silver Product Totals Move Backward


Things are a bit quieter this week, as far as new additions go. Added to the charts are 25-count rolls and $100 bags for the 2020 American Innovation dollar honoring Maryland. Sales totals after their Dec. 14 release came in at 11,072 rolls and 4,787 bags between the two mints.

Maryland is the last state honored in the series for 2020. The Mint’s final product of 2020 is the $1 reverse proof coin for Maryland. Those initial sales will be recorded next time, as will the George H.W. and Barbara Bush 2020 Presidential $1 coin and First Spouse medal set. With a Dec. 21 release date, sales figures had not been recorded at the time of this writing.

These two products will round out the 2020 offerings before a fresh lineup begins in the new year.

The Mint’s year-end balancing of the books is still under way as we see a number of products go backwards in their sales totals. Most notable are the 5-ounce silver ATB coin for Tallgrass Prairie National Park Preserve and the 2020-S proof silver Eagle. Each item saw a decrease of more than 600.

On the other end of the spectrum, coins that did the best in sales this week are the 2020 uncirculated coin set with a total of 212,949 and the new Maryland Innovation products – “P” rolls at 5,870 and “D” rolls at 5,202.