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2019-S Proof Silver Eagle Sales Kick Off

War in the Pacific coins seem to be popular with collectors. Looking at the numbers, the 3-coin set gained 276 since last week and is closing in the sales of the American Memorial Park that release before it which is currently at 12,631. The 5-ounce coin also gained since last week, rising from 13,378 to 13,554. It will likely be the top pick amongst collectors for the 2019 releases.

As far as proof sets, the 2019 uncirculated gained 2,434 since last week, with a total now sold of 240,064. The Mint must have done some reconciliation this week though, as the 2019 uncirculated set decreased from 256,859 last week to 252,058 this week. The 10-coin clad proof set increased by 4,120 and has now sold 382,906 while the silver proof set increased by 2,948 and has sold 285,376.

Not much to report for bullion sales. Silver finally saw some sales albeit modest, with just 92,000 bullion silver Eagles being sold month to date.
New to this week’s report are the James Monroe Presidential Medal, reporting initial sales of 6527 and the 2019-S proof silver Eagle with sales of 72,463. The 2018-S proof silver Eagle has sold 158,785 and we will watch the 2019 to see if it can surpass that number.

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