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2019 Proof Coins Take Bigger-than-expected Leap

After last week’s palladium plunge where the 2019-W proof palladium Eagle dropped from 16,690 to 13,319, this week it is reporting at 14,733. It must be a difficult one to reconcile!

For those of you following bullion sales, we’ve moved on to October numbers, with sales through Oct. 4. Gold Buffalos show nothing yet for this month, after just 1,000 last month. Bullion gold Eagles are modest, with 2,500 units and 8,500 ounces reported. The silver Eagles stand at 280,000 just four days into the month. Is that a sign that these will exceed last month? Time will tell. The San Antonio Mission Park 5-ounce ATB bullion coin released last week is showing that 42,200 have been sold thus far.

The 2019 proof coin sets saw a bigger than usual increase, with sales of the 10-coin clad proof set growing by 9,592. Total sales for that set are at 414,926. While not as impressive of a week-over-week gain, the 10-coin silver proof set added 4,753 to its number, with 305,149 sold since its release. Even the 20-coin uncirculated set showed a healthy week of sales, with 4,700 more purchased by collectors, bringing its total to 258,805.

Other updates include: The Pride of Two Nations set is listed as currently unavailable. The Native American Coin & Currency set is at 80% sell-through. 2018 Limited Edition Proof Set is nearing its product limit of 50,000 with current sales of 48,401.