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2016 quarter proof set back on sale

Feb. 23 marked the return of the 2016 America the Beautiful clad quarter proof set at the Mint. The set released Jan. 11 but was pulled later that day. The Mint announced the image on the set packaging for the Cumberland Gap National Historic Park was actually that of the Cumberland Falls State Resort Park. As of Feb. 28, collectors have purchased 38,733 sets, though it is unclear how many were error sets. At least a few were shipped before the error was noticed.

Two more Shawnee quarter products are on sale at the Mint. The Shawnee three-coin set went on sale Feb. 22 with 10,086 sold as of Feb. 28. On Feb. 25, the Mint began taking orders for the Shawnee collector’s uncirculated 5-ounce silver coin. By Feb. 28, 15,263 coins out of a 30,000 mintage went to collectors.

The 2016 Kennedy half dollars made their appearance Feb. 24. The Mint reports 11,358 Philadelphia and Denver two-roll sets and 3,480 200-coin bags were sold by Feb. 28.

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This article was originally printed in Numismatic News.
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