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2016 gold Eagles reach milestone

A period of strong demand from bullion buyers helped propel 2016 gold Eagles to surpass one million coins sold.

As of June 22, the Mint has sold 1,003,000 total gold Eagles representing 479,500 ounces of gold. In all of 2015, 1,839,500 gold Eagle coins were sold for a total of 801,500 ounces.

Silver Eagle bullion coin orders have recovered after a week of slow sales. From June 15 to 22, 839,000 silver Eagles were sold. Just 81,000 coins were purchased the week prior.

The 2016 Native American Dollar Coin and Currency set went on sale June 16. Collectors bought 24,497 sets out of a 75,000 mintage limit as of June 19.

Additionally, the 2015 Coin and Currency set was briefly on sale during the same time with 187 sets ordered, bringing the total sold up to 88,711 sets. The 2015 set has a mintage limit of 90,000.

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