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2016 Eagle bullion start best since 2013

2016 gold and silver Eagle bullion coin sales at United States Mint have seen their best showing in January since 2013 in total ounces.

As of Jan. 27, gold Eagle sales amounted to a total of 124,000 ounces sold across 293,000 coins. Sales in January 2013 were 150,000 ounces purchased across 275,500 total coins, beating out 2016 just in terms of ounces sold.

In terms of total gold Eagle coins sold in January, 2016 is the best on record since 1999, when a total of 701,500 coins containing 281,000 ounces of gold were ordered.

Silver Eagle sales in 2016 through Jan. 27 come in at 5,926,500 coins shipped, narrowly beating 2015’s January total of 5,530,000 coins. 2016’s sales still fall short of 2013’s 7,498,000 coins shipped to Authorized Purchasers.

Twain gold coin sales have surpassed 10 percent of the maximum mintage. As of Jan. 24, collectors have ordered 7,432 proof and 3,518 uncirculated coins.

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