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2015 uncirculated coin set available

The United States Mint began sales of the 2015 uncirculated coin set April 27, with 144,137 sets sold between its release and the May 3 deadline of this reporting period.

The Kisatchie 5-ounce silver collector’s coin went on sale April 28. Collectors have bought 15,622 of the P-mint coins so far. The mintmarkless bullion version saw Authorized Purchasers order 40,100 coins by May 6, making it the highest selling 5-ounce bullion coin since the Chickasaw coin in 2011.

The Mint began taking orders for the Truman Presidential dollar and First Spouse medal set April 29, selling 1,502 sets. The 2015 uncirculated American Eagle gold one-ounce coin was then released April 30 and 2,157 coins were purchased.

By May 6, the new month’s bullion sales began with 2,500 one-ounce, 4,000 quarter-ounce and 10,000 tenth-ounce gold Eagles sold. Purchasers also recieved 783,500 silver Eagles and 1,500 gold Buffaloes.

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