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2014 unc set strong in first week sales

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By Connor Falk

Straight out of the gate, sales of the 2014 uncirculated coin set were brisk, with 157,044 being sold in the first five days. That’s almost half of the overall sales for the 2013 uncirculated set at 363,768.

Sales for the newly released 5-ounce Shenandoah collector coin were quick as well, selling 20,120 in three days. The mintage was increased to 30,000 in anticipation for increased demand.

The 5-ounce Great Smoky Mountains also sold beyond its mintage, at 25,421, as the Mint figures some will be returned.

Low sales continue for the American Eagle platinum ounce, with just 300 sold in the past week.

One of two options still open for the Hall of Fame baseball coins, the proof clad half dollar sold 13,348 in the past week. The uncirculated half sold 4,029 in the same period.

The 2014 proof Buffalo gold piece still sells well two weeks after release, as 3,343 were sold in just the last week.

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