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WWII Greenland Administration Specimen

1942 Trade Certificate Specimen from Greeland


I don't normally write about paper money or banknotes, but while looking through the Bruun Rasmussen Auction 799 which arrived in todays mail, I noticed something which caught my interest. Lot 5430 of the sale offers a Specimen note of the Greenland Administration issues for use by the U.S. Military stationed there during World War II.

Not that any of the 1942 issuesare uncommon, quite the contrary, a hoard hit the market back in the early 1980's and these notes were everywhere for a while. No, it's just that this M10, 20 Skilling example is a perforated Specimen note.

While the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money - General Issues - 1368-1960 does list the 1942 Trade Certificates for Greenland, the catalog does not list any Specimens. I checked the new 12th edition, which just arrived here this week and while many, many Specimen notes are now listed in the book, there are no Specimens listed for Greenland M10.


I'll pass the Bruun Rasmussen catalog over to friend and fellow blogger George Cuhajbefore it's closing date December 4th, so that he can get the Specimen note type listed for the next edition. Rasmussen estimates the Specimen example at 270 Euro, but George can pick up the final price from their website after action closing.