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Wrong photo misleads

Murphy’s Law says that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong. If you are involved with publishing newspapers and posting stories on websites, that plays out every week. The challenge is to catch the mistakes before they become public problems.

As I came into the office this morning, I see that we didn't catch one before we went home on Friday.

As an example of what can go wrong, a story posted on Numismaster late last week about the discovery of another example of the “Close AM” lettering variety on a 1992 circulation strike cent was accompanied by the wrong photograph.

Shown was an example of the usual letter spacing between the “A” and the “M” in AMERICA.

The “Close AM” was not to be seen.

Ideally, two photos should be run side by side to show the usual spacing and the close spacing for the rare minting variety.

As this is written, I know the correct images will be inserted, but during the weekend author Ken Potter received a number of e-mails from excited collectors who thought they had a rarity on their hands.

That, unfortunately, is not the case.

Apologies to all who might have been misled.

Click here to see view the story with corrected images.