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WMF - Live report continues

Next to present is the Monnaie de Paris. Again this year France has been thinking about direct for the mint. They want to keep closely to coinage themes that reflect French heritage, use French stylish design and make gold avialble to a larger audience. Clovis and Charlemagne and Charles the Bold will all appear on future coins in in classic medallic styles, both in gold and silver. These coins look very good and have real character and historic significe. Interestingly Charles the Bold founded the Monnaise de Paris!
30th Interenational Music Day will be featured on the 2 Euro. A silver 10 andf 50 Euro gold coin will feature the introductioon Euro bages of coins given to the public at the start of the Euro union. France also continues it's regional coin series of 10 Euro coins, which has proven very popular. Metz train station will be featured this year on 10 and 50 Euro coins as they continues hteir train series. This one emphasises the bond between France and Germany. A legendary character series will begin with Cosette, Meursa and one other, Do you knwo the books from which these characters are drawn?
Both the great painters and comic book heros will also continue, plus a rugby and racing coin and figure skating coins. A 10 Euro GSea Gull coin will be issued, plus a year of the rabbit coin. Visit the Monnaie de Paris website for much more information on these upocoming issues.