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Community Voice Response: Feb. 25, 2020

From the Jan. 31, 2020 Numismatic News E-NewsLetter

With Brexit now a certainty, will you be watching for Brexit commemorative coins to be issued?

Here are some answers sent in from our E-Newsletter readers.

As an English numismatist for 60 years, but as a convinced European, I am deeply resentful that my hobby is being sullied by the official issue of a coin to mark such an unworthy event.

Kevin Beach
via Facebook

I don’t find it suitable for issuing “commemorative” coins with such an event, it’s all in the name of profit not in the name of numismatics and that’s a shame for such a noble passion.

Const Ste
via Facebook

No, I don’t anticipate buying any Brexit commemoratives. This seems like an odd thing to commemorate with a coin “Sure, let’s remember the time we shot ourselves in the foot.”

Besides, we all know that one coin to commemorate this has already been minted and subsequently scrapped because the date of the event had been pushed out into the future. Those might have been the coins to actually have.

Henry Mensch
Syracuse, N.Y.


Mika Pouramo
via Facebook