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Will thank-you note receipt alter our future?

If you happened to read last week’s “Best of Buzz,” you are well prepared for this week’s “Class of ’63.”

If you happened to read last week’s “Best of Buzz,” you are well prepared for this week’s “Class of ’63.”


I posted my Buzz blog online May 11 after I had seen the new “Star Trek” movie. I liked the movie. I enjoyed the TV show in the 1960s. The movie gave me a fun departure point to write about the future, Presidential dollars in storage and a future Mint director, Edmund C. Moy VIII.

The future Mint director has an excess supply of Presidential dollars – some 3 billion to be exact – and he spent some at a lunch during a celebration in Capt. James T. Kirk’s Iowa hometown. Such an event deserved my attention.

I had hoped that anyone who read the blog would have as much fun with the thought as I did in creating it.

One person certainly did.

A week after I posted the blog, the morning mail arrived with a United States Mint return address on the mailer. In it was a handwritten note and a George Washington Presidential dollar in an acrylic capsule.

The note read, “Dave, Thought you might like to have one of the $1 coins (GW was the first) my great great great great great great grandfather oversaw when he was 38th Director of the Mint.

“Very sincerely yours,”

It was signed, “Edmd C. Moy VIII”

Wow, a note from the future Mint director.

I wonder what sort of time displacement is required to communicate in such an old-fashioned way with the past? I suppose I can never find out because that would alter the future.

And the dollar coin itself was certainly in better than pristine shape for having been in storage for over 200 years. I would have guessed that it could only be two years old. It certainly looks like it just came off the coining press.

And for all you aficionados of rare Morgan dollars made common by the Treasury releases decades after the coins were struck, this Washington dollar was not a rare minting variety with a plain edge. The 2007-P date and mintmark, “In God We Trust,” and “E Pluribus Unum,” all appeared where they were supposed to. Darn. There goes my headline from 200 years in the future.

The future Mint director seems like a nice guy. How can I possibly say “thank you” for something that won’t happen for two more centuries?

That’s where this column comes in. If the future Mint director reads my blog, it is clear he has access to our The technology involved, I am sure, is terribly primitive by 23rd century standards, but he probably has a search engine like Google23 that can scan for it. I would sure love to try that out, but there I go again. If I did, I might alter the future.

Here’s a thought. What if we all start using Presidential dollars and make them so popular that the Mint won’t accumulate a stockpile for release in the 23rd century?

Boy, that would be some alteration to the future. If we do it, I wouldn’t get this note. So better not. I like communications from the future. Maybe I can get Capt. Kirk’s autograph, too.