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Will proof silver Eagle tempt buyers?

When the 2017 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set goes on sale Oct. 5, it will be priced at $139.95.


Featured in the eight-coin set is a 2017-S silver American Eagle, the same coin that was included in the Congratulations Set that sold out its 75,000 mintage April 4 in minutes.

Can the Mint go to the well twice with this silver coin? It is identical to the April-released coin.

The upcoming set is nearly triple the $54.95 issue price of the Congratulations Set.

However, the other seven coins in the set are .900 fine silver. They are the five 2017 America the Beautiful quarters as well as the dime and half dollar.

The key information of mintage has not yet been revealed.

Last year’s Limited Edition Silver Proof Set had a maximum mintage of 50,000. If we add that figure to the 75,000 issue from the spring, it would bring the total to 125,000 pieces. Will that figure still be considered rare and desirable by potential buyers hoping to flip them for a profit online? Third-party slabbing services can create special grading labels for the 2017 set to boost appeal of the Eagle as well as the other proof coins in the set.

The Congratulations Set in original packaging is trading at around $130. That is lower than the Oct. 5 issue price of the Limited Edition Silver Proof Set.

Can the 2017-S proof silver Eagle carry the load when currently online the Eagle alone in Proof-69 is around $120? That is a calculation all potential buyers will have to make for themselves. Autographed Proof-70s are $400.

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