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Who will find first 2013 in change?

It’s 2013. Time to start looking for 2013-dated coins in your change.

The earlier the finds are, the greater the likelihood that we will have a good year economically.

I’m hoping for good times. How about you?

Now that we have averted the consequences of falling off the fiscal cliff, perhaps economic times will continue improving.

Coins tend to back up in the banking system when the economy slows down, delaying the release of coins with the new dates.

What will happen this year?

In the good times of years past I often received the first cents of the new year while I attended the Florida United Numismatists convention.

You can be sure that I will be keeping my eyes pealed when I head down to Orlando next week.

Florida is a great place to find new dates early in the year – or at least as early as the year’s circumstances will permit.

The release sequence tends to start with cents and then follow in the order of denominations with the highest mintages.

Following the mintage totals for 2012, that would mean the cent likely will be found first, followed by the dime and then the nickel. The quarter might continue to lag.

In years when the state quarter series was riding high, many collectors reported getting the new quarters as fast or even faster than the new cents.

The Great Recession caused many people to return quarters that they had previously saved to the banking system, decreasing demand for the new designs. We are still feeling the effects of this.

I can’t rule out the possibility that New Hampshire’s 2013 White Mountain National Forest quarter will reach you before other denominations, but that doesn’t seem likely.

Let me know when you find your first 2013-dated coin. Scan it and send me an image if possible. Tell me when you found it and the location of the find. I’ll pass the word to other collectors. My email is

There is no prize except bragging rights. If you are the first to report a 2013-dated coin to me, I will publish that fact here and in Numismatic News.

Ready, set, start your coin searches.

Buzz blogger Dave Harper is editor of the weekly newspaper "Numismatic News."