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Which toned silver coins bring the highest prices?

Which toned silver coins tend to bring the highest prices?

Since eye appeal is the main factor, there is no “one size fits all” formula for valuing toned coins. In general a coin exhibiting naturally occurring waves of neon hues on the obverse tend to be the most popular. I can’t be more specific than that.

Silver coins struck for circulation through 1964 were placed into cloth bags prior to being shipped from the mint. Could contact with the material from these bags have caused the coins to tone?

Chemical reactions to the bags might happen if the bags became damp or if there was sulfur in the air. Long term storage in these bags, which is what happened to many Morgan silver dollars, could also result in the coins becoming toned.

How quickly will the color or tone of a silver coin change if it is housed in a third party slab?

Coins that have been artificially toned will likely continue to tone once encapsulated due to the environment to which they were subjected. Coins that are toning more naturally should tone more slowly if at all when properly encapsulated by a third party service.

Why was the Large Cent replaced with the Small Cent during 1857?

The coin was unpopular with the public due to its diameter, however the deciding factor was more likely due to economics. It cost almost as much to strike the coin as was its face value. The change alleviated the cost of the coin’s copper composition, while replacing it with a lower cost copper-nickel composition cent. 

Can you explain the term ‘adjustment marks?’

Adjustment marks are marks left on a planchet by a mint employee who altered the weight of that blank in an effort to bring the weight of that blank to within the required tolerance for the coin to be produced.

Can sharpness of color of an Uncirculated coin impact the Mint State grade (between 60 and 70) assigned to it?

The sharpness of color is particularly important to prooflike coins, but the sharpness of color or the severity of toning can impact the grade of any coin. This needs to be determined on a case-to-case basis.

How do adjustment marks impact the grade of a coin?

First, ensure the marks you are observing originated from adjusting the weight of the coin, not from something that happened to the coin once it left the mint. Adjustment marks are of interest and to some individuals more desirable than coins struck from blanks that were not adjusted. Third party grading services assign a grade due to wear or lack of wear and bag marks, not due to toning or adjustment marks.

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