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Where's the Bullion?

Just under a week into August and bullion sales are scarce.The 2019 one-ounce gold Buffalo has sold 1,000.The one-ounce gold Eagle has also sold 1,000.Nothing though to report for silver.Although there was an increase of 8,000 on the 2019 War in the Pacific Park 5-ounce coin. It moved from 57,000 to 65,000 week over week.Looking back at 2018, August was a decent month for silver Eagle sales, compared to the rest of the months that year, ranking fourth overall.It will be interesting to see how 2019 stacks up.

The annual sets continue to climb, with the 2018 uncirculated set gaining 1,063 and the 2019 gaining 2,166. The 2019 proof sets continue to be the most popular items among collectors, with 378,786 of the clad proof set sold and 282,428 of the silver proof set.This is a significant increase over the sales this same time last year for the 2018 sets, which were 298,627 for the clad version and 209,561 for the silver proof set. 

The new 2019 Native American Coin and Currency set increased by another 3,553. The Apollo 11 silver dollar proof added 2,262 to its number with 190,652 sold. The 2019-W proof silver Eagle gained another 2,134, closing the week at 294,063, which is slightly below where the 2018 release was at this time last year.