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Welcome to my Blog! Here’s your chance to peer a little way into my mind and learn a bit about the way I think, the things I feel are significant and the way I view the world in it’s ever shifting facets. It’s been almost 20 years that I’ve been charged with the responsibility of market analysis for the standard Catalog of World Coins series. During that time I’ve had the privilege of working with some great numismatists! I’ve also had the opportunity to refine the catalogs, bring some old books back to life, start a few new ones and in general, give back to the hobby that opened me up to a wider world as a child. It’s been fun, and I’m looking forward to this new venture as an even more efficient means to better communication and idea exchange among my friends, associates and those who use KP products. 

Each Wednesday I’ll make some kind of text based Blog entry. During the other days of the week I plan on putting up a few snippets of fun stuff from the list displayed in my next blog entry. Some you’ll see weekly, others only on occasion. You’ll be able to follow threads on these short entries in the category section on the left hand navigation bar, just check by title, or you can scan the Blog field for the icons and titles. Just so you know what I’m up to I’ve included a brief explanation of each one in the next posting.

Read, enjoy, get riled up, agree, disagree and above all, feel free to comment at will!