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Veteran’s Flag Pole Badges

I recently snagged a German Veteran’s grouping from Leisnig, Saxony consisting of an 1895 Sedan Day medal given by the town to it’s veterans plus five flag pole badges. Flag pole badges (Fahnennagel in German) are similar to the little badges (Stocknagel) one sees on walking sticks in Europe recording all the places that the owner of the cane has been. German Veterans groups back in the old days had larger versions that were attached to the group’s flag pole to show where the group has been. In this grouping four of the five shields have the word “Gewidmet” in the inscriptions engraved on them. This German word means awarded, so we know that unlike the common tourist who must buy their cane badges these were actually awarded to the veterans group for going somewhere as a group. The other word that is found with the word Gewidmet is the word “Gastwirte” which means inn, tavern or restaurant keeper! So from this word we know that whenever these boys went on a road trip they had a good time.
Considering what they went through to become veterans I am sure they earned the right.