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U.S. and Australia dominate first vote

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Australia?s 2005 ?Dancing Man? silver $1 coin marking the end of World War II topped the first round of 2007 Coin of the Year balloting by an international panel of judges, but three U.S. coins combined to give the U.S. Mint the most winning entries in the competition.


The balloting is to determine the Coin of Year Award winner, which will be recognized Aug. 8 during the American Numismatic Association Convention in Milwaukee, Wis.

The COTY Award is sponsored by World Coin News, sister publication to Numismatic News.


The first round of balloting determines the winners of 10 nominating categories. A second round of balloting has the judges selecting their top choice from this field.

The ?Dancing Man? was the top vote getter in two categories, Best Contemporary Event Coin and Most Innovative Coinage Concept. For the latter category, the judges were impressed by the fact that the man does a full circle as the coin is moved. The $1 coin is KM-747a.

The United States put in a strong showing with 2005-dated coins. Its Marine Corps commemorative silver dollar, KM-376, was named Best Crown.

The Oregon state quarter in copper-nickel clad alloy, KM-372, was named Best Trade Coin.

Most Popular Coin honors went to the copper-nickel U.S. Bison five-cent piece, KM-368, which made many collectors nostalgic for the Buffalo nickel of 1913-1938.

Taking the top place in the category of Most Historically Significant Coin was Germany?s silver 10 euro commemorating the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein?s theory of relativity. It is KM-238.

Germany also won the top place for Best Gold Coin. This time it was a 100-euro coin for the World Cup Soccer tournament hosted there in 2006. The coin is KM-237.

Austria?s 20-euro depicting the ship S.M.S. Saint George won the voting in the Best Silver coin category. It is KM-3127.

Topping the Most Artistic Coin category is a silver 20-rubles from Belarus. The coin depicts an Easter egg. It is KM-99.

A 2 new sheqalim struck in silver, honoring Moses and the 10 Commandments won the voting for Most Inspirational Coin. It is KM-400.

Coin of the Year is sponsored by World Coin News to encourage and honor creativity in the coinage issues of the mints of the world.

There is a built-in delay for nomination and consideration of coin issues because not every nation issues coinage in the year of the date on the coin.