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Trump medal: Inaugural yes or no?

The Presidential inaugural medal series came to an end in 2017.

Or did it?

It might just depend on what collectors do.

The Trump Presidential campaign website is now selling bronze medals.

Collectors will apply the duck test.

Does it look like a duck and walk like a duck, that is, an inaugural medal?

The obverse of the medal has a full facing portrait of President Trump.

Legend is simply his name: “Donald J. Trump.”

It was created by Medalcraft Mint in Green Bay, Wis., a firm that has done previous inaugural medals.

It has all the quality of their work and is every bit the equal of prior inaugural medals.

I compared it to the George W. Bush inaugural medal from 2001.

It featured a full facing portrait of President Bush.

On the reverse of the Trump medal is an enameled American flag.

It says, “Make American Great Again.”

On the reverse of the Bush medal is the Presidential seal.

The Bush reverse says, “Forty-third President of the United States of America – Inaugurated January 20, 2001.”

There is no enameling on the surface of the Bush medal.

Both medals have a diameter of 2.75 inches.

The Trump medal has a wooden stand.

So does the Bush medal.

Price of the Trump medal is $45.

You can still buy a Bush medal from the website of his Presidential library.

Price is $55.

On the Trump website is a nearly three-minute video shot at Medalcraft.

It is called “Promises Made, Promises Kept.”

The emphasis is on apprenticeships and vocational training as well as manufacturing in America.

So collectors of the United States will now have to decide.

Is this new Trump medal a part of the inaugural series?

We might find ourselves quibbling a bit about definitions.

But doers of the duck test can't help but conclude in favor of inclusion.

There is also the need of collectors to collect something rather than nothing.

This medal will be fit into the inaugural series.

Perhaps collectors will demand silver and gold versions in the future.

Buzz blogger Dave Harper won the Numismatic Literary Guild Award for Best Blog for the third time in 2017 . He is editor of the weekly newspaper "Numismatic News."

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