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Treasurer misses chance

Call me cranky this morning. Perhaps it is residual jet lag from my trip to Berlin. But I am reacting negatively to ostensibly good news.

I was notified by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing that the new Series 2009 $1 Federal Reserve Notes would be ceremonially introduced Feb. 9 at the Fort Worth note printing plant.

Treasurer of the United States Rosie Rios is leading what is called a “Push the Button” event to get the presses rolling.

Every new administration marks the event of new currency series in some way. This is certainly appropriate.

Paper money collectors have been waiting since last year for this to occur. Other administrations have gotten the event out of the way within weeks of taking office.

Of course, other administrations did not have a financial crisis to tend to as they were sworn in.

But I cannot help but feel that BEP missed the boat in its scheduling. Next month the American Numismatic Association will have its convention in Fort Worth.

How appropriate it would have been if ordinary collectors could have had the opportunity to go, or at least enjoy the idea that our government officials consider them important enough to schedule such an event when they are in town.

BEP has been very supportive of ANA in terms of having its booth at the conventions, so I know there are people there who are aware of the schedule. I assume the decision was made further up the chain of command.

However, just returning from Germany, where the head of government gave 15 minutes of her precious time to kick off a national coin issue as the World Money Fair was being held there, it makes me think that just a little coordination in this country would have yielded major benefits for the government and the BEP collector client base that it has worked so hard to cultivate.