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Titanic (commemorative) Week ending with that sinking feeling

In the 1990s Kiribati issued a very small 1/20 ounce gold coin and Somaliland issued a 40mm copper-nickel coin depicting the Titanic with the stern raised and a few lifeboats nearby in the water. These were done due to the sheer popularity of the ship's lore and appeal, and not connected with any specific exploration or anniversary event.


The Cook Islands have come up with something I have found interesting. The look like coins, they have the legends one may expect, the country name, the Queen's portrait, however, rather than a denomination they have "Commemoration." Perhaps this is in a move away from issuing NCLTs. The obverse features a starburst, and the reverse a view of the ship at sail. Then, using the same "Commemoration" obverse, there is a series of six color appliques showing the 1997 movie views, and then three other images seperately of the ship at sea or with two views of it sinking. This will be an interesting move away from coins and into commemorative medals.

Cook Copper

Two graphic images rather than sculptural have been issued. The first is for Alderney and struck at the Royal Mint. It has a two dimentional highlight from the seaman's memorial statue, with the ship sailing on a linear bowling alley sea. The second is from Jersey, and has the ship plunked down on a mirror surface sea.

Alderney 5 pounds
Jersey gilt

As I really want to end this series on a positive note, so we will leave you with a Perth Mint product for Tuvalu with a wonderful image of the ship in port being assisted by a small tugboat, at top is the White Star Line flag. And lastly a very small gold coin from Cook Islands with a very well designed 3/4 view of the ship with just a hint of the iceberg.

Tuvalu 5 dollar
Cook Islands small gold

So, now, after five days of this Titanic stuff I'll be moving on to other topics, hopefully also of interest.

I think that a review of the centennial (and other) Titanic commemoratives have been a good experience and it is a fitting anniversary to remember, however, I still think that some country could have recognized the Carpathia's part in the story. They really do go hand-in-hand.