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Titanic Coins for the Centennial Anniversary

In a few short weeks it will be the centennial anniversary of the sailing and sinking of the R.M.S. Titanic. For me, the story of that ship has had a connenction since childhood. There was a survivor who lived in our neighborhood in Astoria, Queens, NYC, and as an altarboy at the parish church, I was assigned to serve at her funeral mass. A few years later I got to join the Titanic Historical Society, learn about the Congressional Gold Medal for Captain Rostron and got to see the Carpathia Crew Medal in the collection of the American Numismatic Society and learn about other numismatic collectibles for the ship.

Titanic Canada

This centennial year has brought about more commemoratives than for any other past anniversary. Two I would like to highlight for their tastefulness are those of Canada and Niue. The Canadian 10 Dollar coin show here is part of a set of three. The Niue 2 Dollar piece is a stand alone item. The Royal Canadian Mint is nearly sold out of their issue, and APMEX is the sole distributor for the Niue issue. Over the next few days I'll share other current Titanic commemoratives as well as some from the past.

Titanic Niue