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The Extermination of History

The Death of Gold Medals

With the current boom in the price of gold almost at 900.00 per ounce what is going to happen to the many gold medals out there, many of them military? The last time gold boomed almost thirty years ago there was mass destruction of gold medals and I can see no reason that this isn’t happening again. I have seen items listed on eBay stating that if some one doesn’t buy the item it will be melted. Then there are other items like this Kansas City school group begging for some one to save it from the melting pot. Sadly I fear that this group along with many other historic gold items will be lost to us forever

PS Just as I predicted, even with the small decline in gold prices, not one collector out there thought this group was worth saving so take a look at this picture; it is the last time this group was ever seen !