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The Bank Job

Tom's Recommended Film of the Week


The Bank Job

Jason Stathamfilms are usually a fun hour and a half, lots of action, plenty of guns and cars blazing around, maybe a good plot twist or two. Normally I enjoy the films he stars in, but then forget them a day after viewing. The Bank Jobtakes a large step up from that.

Don't get too excited, The Bank Job is no Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels or Snatch, but then again it doesn't have Guy Ritchiewriting and directing.

Never-the-less The Bank Joboffers a good story line, actually based on a true story, which may have helped. There are strong performances with a bit more depth, more charcater developement and a more developed plot. Weeks after watching The Bank Jobfor the first time, I wanted to watch it again and did this week.

It's fun, fast paced, offers a nice combination of action and plot, plus some interesting twists and turns. Give this unusual Stathamheist filma try this weekend and see what you think.