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Thanks for your service, David C. Kranz !

This Thursday is David C. Kranz’s last full day of employment here at Krause Publications. I wish him the very best, as I know where ever he goes in the future, he will give that employer the very best – in performance and attitude!

Many readers know him as the current editor of Bank Note Reporter.

Kranz joined the staff at the newspaper side of the Numismatic Division two-months after I did, so I felt a kindred spirit with him, both of us trying to learn the ropes and personalities of a large office routine, and with that turfdoms and egos.

Over the years, the changes David eased into the paper have been transparent to most readers. The subtle things which make the “look” – how the lines of text align with lines of photo captions, how poorly written stories (often mine) get a re-write into presentable English, or how poor photocopies from columnists manage to get a clean look in a finished paper. These things take effort behind the scenes, and David did them seamlessly. More often than not, it was done late into the night or on weekends to make them happen on time.

The company has changed a lot since he started. His titles changed infrequently, moving up the one rank from editorial staff to managing editor - after 8 years, and only finally being named editor after 13 years. It is a lot different than now when some staff members zoom right into an editorship after less than a year.

During his tenure, Bank Note Reporter was recognized by the NLG with several best issue awards, and Kranz received an ANA Presidential Award. Dave took the (infrequent, but deserved) recognitions in stride.