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Telephone messages start day

I have been out the office and am just now returned. It is at these moments that I am grateful for voicemail.

When I am away, I always make sure the message includes the option of contacting the operator to find someone else to help.

There were a number of satisfying clicks – no message left – as I went through the list of nine messages. I assume these individuals obtained help elsewhere, at least I hope so.

Of the five callers who did indeed leave a message there was one person who said he was mailing in his subscription check to me personally.

It is fortunate most people do not do this. If everyone sent their subscriptions to me, I would have no time for anything else.

A second caller also had a question about his subscription, and left a message for me to call him back. I will make sure the subscription department responds.

From the third caller came a tidbit of useful information about a future award recipient. I can say no more about it here.

A fourth caller was one of my regular columnists. We will converse today.

The fifth caller who left a message said he had found a 1903 Indian Head cent and wanted me to call him to inform him about prices.

When I telephone him I will also tell him about the many fine price guides that my firm publishes.

Ah, its Monday.

I think I need more coffee.