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Surprise! 2006 American Eagles still on sale

The mint statistics have been updated and include, unfortunately, the continued sale of 2006-dated Eagles.
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The first thing you may notice this week is another set of final American Eagle December sales numbers. The Mint began accepting orders for 2007-dated Eagles Dec. 27 for delivery on the first business day of the new year. The fly in the ointment, unfortunately, is the Mint is still selling 2006-dated Eagles. So, you can presume the big jump in the sale figures are 2007-dated pieces, but they may not all be. Sorry we misled you last update. Final 2006 mintage figures are not now expected from the Mint until the middle of February.


The 2006-W uncirculated gold Eagle one-ounce coin and the four-coin gold set are still on sale. The totals jumped significantly. The ounce is up 842 pieces and the set is up by 3,070. Those are big gains.

More asterisks have appeared as some additional coins have gone off sale. The San Francisco commems are among them. The numbers have not changed and that?s pretty well it.