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Still No Love for New Nigeria Naira

Availability of change in Nigeria is not a problem; however, finding someone with a few spare naira in his or her pocket these days remains a challenge.
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Six months after the Nigerian government introduced the new bimetallic coins many Nigerians continue to reject the redesigned coinage many say is inconvenient to use, thus, prompting businesses to avoid using the coinage as well, according to a report by the BBC. At the same time the Central Bank of Nigeria responded to patrons? decisions to leave their coinage in their bank accounts by directing all banks to refuse deposit of the new coins, with the hope of driving people to use the coins, the report stated.

Whatever the outcome of the battle over Nigeria?s ?changed? change, the situation has brought worldwide attention to the naira ? coinage first introduced in 1973. The recently released 35th edition of the 2008 Standard Catalog of World Coins, 1900-2000, contains identifying details, pricing, and mintage facts about Nigeria?s naira, kobo, penny and pence, as well as coinage for more than 115 countries and provinces around the world. With 1 million prices, 100 years of world coins and 50,000 illustrations, the Standard Catalog of World Coins is undoubtedly the ultimate world coin guide.


Softcover ? 2230 pages
50,000 b&w illustrations

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