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Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, Modern Issues, 14th edition Now Available !

I have just received my copies from the printer of the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, Modern Issues, 14th edition. So your distributor should have a stock at an upcoming show, or you can order on-line at

It is 1085 pages plus an advertising section. An indexed DVD of the book is included in a bound-in holder onto the inside back cover (you can enlarge the pages up to 300% on a computer screen). A first for the World Paper Money book series.

It has a retail price of $55.00 USD.

For those who have been unhappy with the photo quality in the past few editions, you should notice a great improvement as this 14th edition has been completely digitally producted, thus ending the combination use of the old paste-up/velox technology combined with scaned images which were the cause of fuzzy images in the recent past.

For those who have been confused why we have listed North and South Korea under Korea, North and Korea, South, we have now listed those counties under N and S respectively. Next year we will list Northern Ireland under N, and also atempt to split Samoa and Western Samoa successfully. If you have any concerns where something is, please consult either the country or issuer index in the front of the book.

The note descriptions - colors, types, watermark and printer information has been expanded to full descriptions in all records. A help for identification, and one that will become necessary in the on-line version soon to appear on

I have just been informed that the DVD will be available seperately, at a list price of about $45.00.

As always I welcome helpful suggestions for improvements.