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Stack?s Jan. 15-16 Americana Sale is joined this year by sale of the Lawrence R. Stack Collection of Numismatic Images on American Paper Currencies.

The first sale session, which begins at 10 a.m. on Jan. 15, leads off with the Stack paper. Included are Colonial Currency, early Canadian currency and U.S. obsolete notes and state issues, overall nearly 1,000 lots.

The auction then flows into the Americana Sale, starting with hundreds of coins issued for French colonies, including some contemporary counterfeits as well.

Colonial coins begin with Massachusetts Bay New England sixpence and various Oak Tree denominations, and onward to issues of other colonies. Rosa Americana pennies and halfpennies are joined by Wood?s Hibernia coppers, Nova Constellatio coppers and some Voce Populi pieces, as well as several Fugio cents. A small number of plantation tokens will be offered, some labeled restrikes. Strongest representation appears to be of Massachusetts, New Jersey and Vermont issues.

Contemporary counterfeits and imitations of English coins from the mid-1700s onward also appear.

Session two, entirely Americana Sale lots, begins Jan. 16 at 10 a.m.
It begins with countermarked Brazilian gold pieces, and mores into early American silver items, mostly spoons.

A large medals section features several medals from the 1700s, including a couple of Libertas Americana in copper, Indian Peace medals, two Washington seasons medals and several other pieces of Washingtonia. There is also a small grouping of Charleston slave badges. Other medals from the 1800s are also offered.

The U.S. coin section begins about 3,000 lots in. Many group lots and rolls are available for most denominations.

Half cents and large cents give way to about 100 lots of small cents, followed by two-cent pieces and onward up through the denominations. Some pattern quarters are included. Half dollars feasture many early dates to choose from as well as some high-grade Walking Liberty halves.
A 1794 Flowing Hair dollar graded AU-58 kicks of the silver dollar section, followed by 15 more pre-1800 dollars, a 1798 graded MS-61. Morgans include a number of branch Mint strikes, notably several Carson City examples.

A Columbian half and Isabella quarter start out the classic commemoratives. The section offers several group lots.

Gold dollars give way to a large section of quarter eagles. A strong number of $3 gold pieces moves into an even larger number of half eagles and eagles.

Double eagles begin with 1850 and 1850-O examples, and an 1885-S is called MS-63, while a 1906 gets an MS-64 designation. A Roman numerals 1907 Saint-Gaudens High Relief with wire rim is also offered in MS-63, as well as a run of Saint-Gaudens $20s in solid Mint State grades.

Gold classic commemoratives follow, as do Territorial gold piecs. The sale ends with a few Hawaiian 1883 issues of King Kalakaua I.
The sale is scheduled to take place in the Tansa Room of Le Parker-Meridien Hotel, 118 W. 57th St., between 6th and 7th avenues, New York City.

Lot viewing and lot pickup are at Stack?s New York City offices, 123 W. 57th St., New York, NY 10019.

The catalog is also available online at for viewing and bidding.

The day prior, Jan. 14, Stack?s offers the Kroissos Collection and the Lawrence R. Stack Collection of Ancient Greek Coins. Featured will be ancient and world coins, medals, orders, decorations and bank note plates.