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Stack Paper Currency With Coins

Coin Vignette Collection Thrills

One smaller catalog on my pile of January NYINC satellite sales presents the Lawrence R. Stack Collection of numismatic images on american paper currencies. This is a great catalog for just perusing through. It is almost certain that any numismatist will find something of personal interest in this sale and I would venture to guess that most will also want to add this auction catalog to their library for future reference. The introduction by Stephen Goldsmith is wonderful and includes blow-ups of select vignettes.

This sale includes just about any piece of paper money which displays an image of a coin and there examples from almost every state and territory, plus Canada. Many areas of paper money and financial document collecting are represented, including; Colonial, Obsolete, Scrip, private issue, Bank issue, Municipal issue, chits, advertising notes, saterical notes, Federal Currency, National Gold Bank Notes, bonds, plus some printing plates, die proofs and rollers. Most of the vignettes represent either United States or Spanish coinage, which would have been in circulation at the time.

My personal favorite is an advertising chit from Chicago listed as lot 4451. Printed in green on thin cardboard, this two sided piece is good for one dime plant at Pool's Dime Garden at 97 Oakley Street. Looks like you had to spend a dollar in order to redeem your dime, but still a good deal. This is the only example of this chit I have ever seen and it represents a very nice piece of Chicago ephemera.