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Snippets of fun stuff

Auction Lot of the Week

 I’m always looking at auction lots, both on line and in catalogs, so each week I’ll share with you one of the more unusual ones I’ve come across.

Tom’s Inescapable Truths
We’ll attempt to inject a little humor into this Blog with some funny little quips on family and office life.

Price Change of the Week
Values are continually being changed in our database. Each week I’ll cue you in to a single price change of prominent significance.

Tom’s Recommended Film of the Week
I watch a lot of movies, so each week, just for fun, you’ll get to find out which one I thought was the best.

Focus Country

Here I will try to give you a little news you can use. This segment will feature a country, which is on the move price wise, or has some significant news worthy event happening that day or week.

Friday Fix
Each Friday I’ll post the precious metals closes, London fix.

Commemorative Showdown!

With commemortive coinage exploding all over the market, I thought it would be interesting to create ratios of population compared to number of commemorative coin types by country. Over time we'll be able to rank counties by their ratios to see which ones produce the most commeorative coins per capita. Population data will be derived from the CIA website, while commemorative type totals will be compiled from the Standard Catalog of World Coins database for issues from 1901 to present.

Old to New – Book Review

A guide to building a working numismatic library, based on brief reviews of older references and classic auction catalogs, along with reviews of new works and recent auction sales of significance.

KP Update

For those who like to be in the know, I'll give you the inside track on what Standard catalogs and other new coin books are on the horizon from Krause Publications, plus Numismaster updates and news of other web offerings.