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Smaller set, larger audience

Who will be ordering the two-coin American Eagle set that will be produced in May to mark the 75th anniversary of the present San Francisco Mint?

Two coins, a reverse proof and a regular proof, combine for a less costly set than the 5-coin extravaganza offered to collectors to mark the 25th anniversary of the American Eagle last fall.

Price points are important to collectors whether they admit to it or not.

While it is true that any one of us can stretch our finances to get something that might otherwise be beyond our budgets, we cannot do that for all offers.

That being the case, a more affordable two-coin set is most welcome. Many more collectors will be able to find the money to swing the purchase and the U.S. Mint will offer many more sets than the 100,000 limit on the 25th anniversary set.

How many will that be?

Probably sufficient to ensure that the coin set will be fairly common in future years, though an initial demand surge could easily incite a flurry of speculation in the first few days of availability.

A sudden upsurge in the price of silver bullion could cause a similar outcome.

True collectors will not care, and there are a lot of those, but the temptation to speculate is present in all of us. However, this might not be the issue to give in to that temptation.