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Silver dollar book on sale

Twenty-five years after the first one, the 2017 edition of the Comprehensive U.S. Silver Dollar Encyclopedia® has been published by John W. Highfill.


The veteran Oklahoma silver dollar dealer, National Silver Dollar Convention founder and author has created a two-volme set of books that contains 1,660 pages.

In it are thousands of photos of brilliant and toned dollars as well as market charts and graphs.

The full history of dollar coins since 1794 is told in three million words and 100 chapters.

“The entire history of the birth of all legislation and mints that produced the dollar. There would be no need to buy any other book on dollars. It’s all here,” Highfill wrote in his introduction.

With the regular history comes market history, laying out stories many collectors probably vaguely remember from what Highfill calls the Roarin’ ’80s and other time periods.
The full story of the Continental-Illinois Bank deal is told by two of the main dealers behind it.

Stories of the Redfield Hoard, Binion Hoard and Fitzgerald Hoard are told.

General Services Administration sales of the 1970s and 1980s are detailed.

There is a statistical section of all Morgan and Peace dollars.

Two pages are devoted to each date and mintmark.

Highfill has also corraled 60 of the most prominent numismatic experts as guest authors to share their experiences and views of this popular segment of the numismatic marketplace.

Morgans became so popular that they rival Lincoln cents today.

Personally signed copies of the book set can be ordered directly from Highfill Press, LLC, P.O. Box 25, Broken Arrow, OK 74013, or by telephone at 918-254-8931.

Price is $295 postpaid.

The book set will also come in eBook format at the end of next week. It will be updated every 90 days, Highfill said.

Price of the eBook version is $99. Look for it on

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