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Sedwick Treasure Auction Closing Tomorrow

Daniel Frank Sedwick Treasure Auction

Earlier this month I had a string of postings regarding Mariner's Astrolabes and shipwreck coins. Somewhere in there I mentioned the rare auction appearance of a Mariner's Astrolabe in the Daniel Frank Sedwick Treasure Auction #3, which is closing tomorrow.

This sale also contains some very impressive sea salvaged coins. In fact, there are about 900 coins in this auction, all cataloged with great care and super detail. Dan really knows his stuff, as did his father before him. If you are thinking that treasure coins might be a fun area to begin collecting, this sale would be a prime opportuntiy for you to get started. There are many inexpensive lots up for sale, as well as some prime examples at reasonable estimates.

For the advanced collector of treasure coins and sea salvaged artifacts, this sale offers some exceptional pieces, such as the rare 1621A 8 Reales of Cartagena, Colombia cataloged as lot 121. Up until a few years ago it was generally thought that 1622 was the first date for 8 Reales from Colombia, but careful die comparisons proved the existance of at least three earlier partial date examples with distinct die characteristics. This piece offers the first auction appearance of a Cartagena 1621A 8 Reales and a great opportunity for some lucky specialist to add a an exceptional rarity to their collection.

The Sedwick Treasure Auction #3 also offers a wide array of artifacts recovered from shipwrecks around the world. The Mariner's Astrolabe is an oustanding highlight of this sale, but there are many other items covering all areas of interest and most collector budgets. Certainly there are some wonderful glass bottles, jewelry, utensils, pewter plates, stirrups, rapiers, armor, manillas, apothecary tools, ceramic items, iron hand grenades, Chinese porcelain and more.

One standout to me was lot 1095, a boldly VOC marked Dutch East India Company apothecary bottle estimated between $600 and $900. It will make a lovely addition to any collection of crockware, bottles or apothecary items. But of course, I am hoping that some sharp collector of Dutch East India coinage, VOC duits and such, will snap this related piece up.

Treasure Auction #3 will close tomorrow, May 29th at 5:00pm EDT. Check out this sale online at and place your bids via email at